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Shanghai good embellish biological medicine science and technology co., LTD is located in Shanghai, China free trade area, is a company dedicated to the tumor in vitro diagnostic reagents research and development, production and sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises.Serum protein in new tumor markers and detecting technology, developed with independent property rights of auxiliary diagnosis of gastric cancer, lung cancer and other products, in the diagnosis of some non cancer serious illness also obtained the breakthrough.
Company the primary total investment of 50 million yuan, annual output of 50 million doses of diagnostic reagents have been established, 2700 - square - metre home the most advanced modern workshop GMP standards.In "independence, innovation and development of the core ideas, supported by independent research and development to establish six detection technology platform, including new protein markers screening platform, preparation of monoclonal antibody rapid platform, magnetic nanoparticles high-throughput chemiluminescence detection platform, antibodies detection technology platform, mass spectrum diagnosis instrument cooperation platform, across the protein and molecular testing two fields. The company to implement" people-oriented "development strategy, converge as study in the United States MDAnderson Wang Wei, Dr Dr Zhou Xiaojin from fudan university, jiangsu university, Dr He Linfu such as more than 30 domestic and foreign research and development of high-end talent, establish a complete set of perfect production and quality management standardization system, set up the" quality first, customer satisfaction first "values, with high quality products and high-tech service return users.
Good people, carrying the dream of the innovation of the technology industry, take root in Shanghai free trade area, the practice of China to create the value, innovation and leading technology, with science and technology creating the future.

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